October 24, 2021

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NATO declares China, Russia and Afghanistan as its priorities

Spanish President Puntare Sanchez attends a meeting of NATO state and government leaders. Photo: Europa Press.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) said in a lengthy joint statement on Monday that its priorities are the urgency of greater cooperation with Russia, China, Afghanistan, the “new threats” and the European Union (EU).

These are just five of the highlights of the announcement made at the end of a summit in Brussels.

Military strengthening of Russia

“Russia’s increasing military strength, its steadfast position, new military capabilities and provocative actions, even near NATO borders … are increasingly threatening the security of the Euro-Atlantic region and contributing to instability along the way. NATO’s borders and beyond,” the leaders noted.

In the declaration, NATO referred to “intensification of hybrid activities”, particularly “attempts to interfere in elections and democratic processes in countries” and “large-scale misinformation campaigns”.

Chinese ambitions

NATO nations have expressed concern about China’s “stated aspirations and decisive conduct” as it presents formal challenges to the coalition’s “rules-based areas of international order and security.”

“China is rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal, including warships and sophisticated vectors,” the joint statement said, adding that “it is cooperating militarily with Russia.”

New threats

“Terrorism, in all its forms and manifestations, is a constant threat to all of us. State and NGO actors are challenging the international order based on the rules and seeking to undermine democracy around the world,” the declaration said.

“We are increasingly facing Internet, hybrid and other asymmetric threats, including misinformation campaigns and the increasingly sophisticated emerging and destructive use of sophisticated technologies,” the text added.

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In addition, he points out that “climate change is a growing threat to the security of the coalition.”

European Defense

“NATO recognizes the importance of strong and efficient European security. In our joint efforts to make the Euro-Atlantic region more secure, the development of coherent, complementary and operational security capabilities is essential to avoid unnecessary duplication,” the leaders said.

The document said that these efforts “will lead to a stronger NATO, strengthen our common security, contribute to Atlantic cargo sharing, provide the necessary capabilities and contribute to the overall increase in defense spending.”

Stock in Afghanistan

The withdrawal of NATO troops will not mark the end of our relationship with Afghanistan. ”

Coalition leaders said NATO would continue to “provide training and financial assistance to Afghanistan’s national security and defense forces” and “maintain the office of the High Civil Representative in Kabul to continue diplomatic engagement and strengthen our federation.”

In particular, NATO is ready to contribute resources to “ensure the continued operation” of Kabul International Airport.

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