September 19, 2021

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New witnesses in Brazil in the case of the interference of Bolsanaro

Brasilia-. Judge Alexandre Moraes of the Supreme Court of Brazil (STF) has approved new reports in an investigation into alleged attempts by President Jair Bolzano to interfere in federal policing, it was confirmed today.

The Legal Adviser Portal confirms that the investigations are based on the statements of former Justice Minister Sergio Moro.

Morrow condemned Bolzano’s intervention in the police force, which, according to the former magistrate, removed him from government on April 24, 2020.

Moreover, as he really did, the former military conditioned the removal of Rep. Mauricio Valixso, the head of the powerful intelligence agency.

According to the site, in May last year, the then-investigation report allowed access to SDF Minister Celso de Mello, Moro, the Federal Police, the Republican Attorney General and the Union Attorney General. To the video of the Cabinet meeting held on April 22, 2020.

The idea was that everyone could ask the same questions that were asked during the Witness demonstrations.

Following the resumption of the investigation, the police representative in charge of conducting the investigation, Philippe Alecandra de Barros Leal, questioned whether the Federal Ministry of Public Works and the security of the interrogators had raised questions during the new reports.

De Alexandre rejected the need for a sapona to comply with this practice.

According to the magistrate, de Mello’s decision refers only to the witnesses who will be heard during the hearing regarding the content of the media and the recording of the April 22 meeting.

“I understand that it is not necessary to maintain this procedure for all investigations,” the minister said.

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Military police want to investigate investigations affecting the children of Polsonaro, especially the state of Rio de Janeiro.

According to the company, the president’s vested interest in controlling the high command of the security forces may be related to justice with various family issues.

The trial has been suspended since September. The full Supreme Court has not yet decided whether Bolzano’s presentation in this case should be made in person or in writing.