November 29, 2021

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PAHO recommends a third dose to be vaccinated with Sinovac

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Recommended one Third dose of vaccine Sinovac And synoform, two Chinese-made biologics.

During the press conference, PAHO Deputy Director, Zarboz Barbosa, Are considered to be risk groups that require a booster dose compared to Corona virus Covit-19 occurs.

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Sinovak is one of them Vaccines purchased by the Government of Mexico As part of its immunization strategy against Govt-19.

According to the Federal Ministry of Health, Mexico has 20 million doses of Sinovac as part of its national vaccination strategy.

A third dose is required for the synovial vaccine

The recommendation of a third dose for those who have been vaccinated against synovitis is not open to the general public, but to some Risk groups The recipient of this biology.

According to PAHO, People with low immunity And this People 60 or older Vaccinated with inactivated viral biomarkers Sinovak, They need to get a booster dose.

“These people need additional vaccinations to protect themselves from serious diseases and the risk of dying from Govt-19. Vaccine It will not be complete until they get the third vaccine, ”Barbosa pointed out.

Director of the Regional Division of PAHO World Health Organization, Physiologically, vaccines of these risk groups are the third synovial vaccine or Synoform.

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Should everyone who has been vaccinated against synovitis get a third dose?

A related PAHO recommendation Third dose of vaccine With Sinovac This is only for certain groups of people who are considered at risk.

The above is supported by the evidence gathered by the SAGE panel of experts, which is an independent advisory body to the WHO on the basis of unequal access. Vaccines against Govt-19 It also affects Latin American countries.

“There is not yet enough evidence to recommend booster vaccines for other groups that are fully immunized.” Barbosa added.

I agree with you Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Some people with immunodeficiency do not always develop the same level immunity After vaccination than those without immunity.

CDC believes they will benefit from getting one Extra dose To ensure adequate protection against Govt-19.

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Who needs an extra dose of Covit-19 vaccine?

  • Recipients Cancer treatment For tumors or cancers in the blood.
  • Recipients a Transplant surgery And take immunizations.
  • Recipients of transplant surgery Mother cells Have been taking immunizations for the past two years or so.
  • Who has Immune deficiency Moderate or severe primary (such as DeGorge syndrome, Viscott-Aldrich syndrome).
  • Those with advanced or untreated infections VIH.
  • Those in intensive care with High doses of corticosteroids Or other medications that can suppress your immune system.