October 24, 2021

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Pena Nieto government spies on Lopez Obrador, journalists and activists

Espionage Pegasus

MEXICO CITY, July 19 (EFE News) .- The Enrique Pena Nieto government in Mexico (2012-2018) spied on journalists, activists and then-opposition leader and current president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador through the Pegasus program. An International Media Federation hearing on Monday.

“The fathers and mothers of the 43 missing Ayotsinaba students are victims, as well as the current president of the Republic and many others around him, his wife, children and his cardiologist,” Edith Olivares, executive director of Amnesty International Mexico, told EF. ., The organization that provided technical support for research.

The federation, co-ordinated by French banned stories, said governments in several countries were spying on 50,000 phone numbers of activists, journalists and politicians through the Pegasus program of the Israeli NSO group.

Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Hungary, India and Azerbaijan have used the technology, but Mexico tops the list with about 15,000 spy numbers.

Among them, journalist Cecilio Pineta was assassinated in 2017, a week after he was added to his phone number list.

Family members of at least 3 of the 43 Ayotsinaba students who went missing in 2014 were also tracked, which reduced the popularity of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)’s Pena Nieto.

The signatory to the Pegasus agreement was Thomas Geron, then director of the Criminal Investigation Agency, who fled to Israel precisely after being accused of torture during the trial of the Ayodhya case.

“The over-representation of telephones in Mexico is very significant. We are concerned that the contract with this company has not been breached,” Artis said.

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To Lopez Obrador’s Cardiologist

Not only Lopez Obrador, who was a favorite for the 2018 presidential election, but also his family and his close advisers, such as his former chief executive Alfonso Romo, his legal adviser Julio Scherer or his spokesman Jesரs Ramரres, were questioned. Caves.

The phone of his cardiologist Patricio Heriberto Ortes, who survived a heart attack in 2013, was also tapped.

Similarly, the capital’s current mayor Claudia Sheinbaum and at least 45 governors and former governors and former President Felipe Calderon (2006-2012) were also spies.

“The investigation shows that there is a motive behind who is being spied on digitally, and this is not a random thing,” said Amnesty International’s director in Mexico, who has been asked to use the scandal to pass laws restricting digital surveillance.

In 2017, The New York Times reported that the Mexican government was spying with the Pegasus on journalist Carmen Aristegui and human rights defender Mario Patron.

At the time, Pena Nieto “categorically” denied spying on journalists and activists and ordered the prosecutor’s office to investigate.

“For the current president, who has been affected by this intelligence, this seems like a good opportunity for us to make this investigation public, if not, and do it,” Olivares said.

At a news conference this Monday, Lopez recalled that Obrador dissolved the Center for Research and National Security (CICEN) when he came to power in 2018.

“I don’t need spies, people let me know, I know what’s going on all over Mexico,” he said.