September 19, 2021

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Peru – President Castillo has announced that the Russian vaccine will be made available in France

In a televised address on various issues, the President said that “the establishment of the Sputnik vaccine plant in the country has been coordinated as a result of negotiations between the Peruvian and Russian governments.”

In the framework of the fight against the epidemic, Health Minister Hernando Sevalos briefly outlined the problem in charge of reporting, under which he announced investments and other measures.

Regarding the fight against Govt-19, he noted that the government has set aside 2,890 million souls (about $ 400 million) to deal with the third wave of epidemics that Minister Sevalos considers safe.

Castillo announced earlier than expected the arrival of new vaccines against the virus, as well as greater purchases of these drugs from China’s Synoform and Pfizer in the United States to accelerate population vaccination.

“We plan to reach more than 12 million doses by September, which we hope will reach the vaccination target of about 50 percent of the target population with two doses,” he said.

Regarding the progress of the vaccine, he noted that more than five million doses were used in August alone, with a total of 11 million first doses and more than eight million second doses given.

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