November 29, 2021

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Pitton’s green America vision is threatened by the Senate coal boss

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Washington (AFP)

The $ 150 billion Clean Electric Performance Program (CEPP) – and as a cornerstone of Biden’s broad national agenda – is contemplating dynamically rewarding applications for renewables and penalties.

Experts say the project will reduce most of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with power generation, which accounts for a quarter of US emissions.

But Joe Manzin, a conservative Democrat from West Virginia who heads the Senate Energy Committee, argues that it is futile to target companies that are already moving away from fossil fuels.

“Senator Mancin has clearly expressed his concern about taxpayers’ money being used to pay for things that private companies are already doing,” Senator Communications Director Sam Ryan told AFP.

“While protecting America’s energy independence and ensuring our energy credibility, he continues to support efforts to combat climate change.”

Under the laws, the law in the United States generally requires the support of 60 out of 100 senators to promote inter-party cooperation.

However, through the so-called “reconciliation” organ budget process, the ruling party will be able to overcome the obstacles of the opposition only if it gains a simple majority.

But, even with this system, they are dependent on the race for the vice presidency in the Senate, which is 50%, if not the support of the opposition. What this means is that Manjin, who came from the center, has a useful veto and can sink any bill.

The 74-year-old has already emerged as the key vote for or against the historically significant multi-million dollar “Built Back Better” welfare bill.

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Stop the pain

The stalemate is a headache for the president as he prepares to attend a key meeting on climate change in Glasgow later this month.

Biden, eager to rebuild US climate credibility in the wake of former President Donald Trump’s recession and rejection, is eager to seek new measures against global warming agreed upon in Washington before heading to Scotland.

CEPP, along with clean energy tax credits, would have achieved much of Piton’s goal of reducing emissions by 50% by 2005 levels by 2030.

The stalemate on Capitol Hill as Democrats control Congress and the White House threatens to undermine the argument that the party knows how to govern before next year’s midterm elections.

Mansin has long had personal interest as a senator from West Virginia, the second largest coal-producing state after Wyoming, producing 90% of its electricity from fuel, according to government data.

His latest public finance report reveals that Mancin received nearly half a million dollars in dividends from the shares of Enrsystems, the coal brokerage firm he founded and now runs by his son.

But coal electricity tariffs have doubled in the last decade. Although he has the support of miners and other conventional energy workers, Manchin does not have the support of everyone in West Virginia.

Jim Godken, chairman of the local protection committee for the environmental lobby group Sierra Club, said West Virginians are experiencing increasingly severe flooding due to climate change and rising utility bills.

“Stop the pain: Prioritize investment in the people of West Virginia … Create a better bill and improve the people of West Virginia,” he said in a statement.

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Mansin’s refusal to clean up the power project has caused a backlash from fellow Democrats in Washington, with some threatening to sink the bill altogether.

Whatever the outcome, management can say it was “the biggest climate law passed by Congress,” ecologist and author Bill McIphen blogged over the weekend. “But it will be a failure.”