October 24, 2021

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Point Pedro Castillo condemns violence against his followers

Followers of Keiko Fujimori protest in the streets of Peru. Photo: A.P.

Peru Libre’s presidential candidate Point Pedro Castillo today denounced his rival Keiko Fujimori’s (popular force) supporters for committing acts of violence against members of his party outside the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE).

JNE is analyzing possible fraud allegations before declaring the winner of the polls in early June

“I strongly condemn the violence perpetrated by Fujimori groups against the opposition brothers in the suburbs of JNE. The attacks do not represent those who believe in democracy. Unity and justice for the victims,” ​​Castillo wrote on his Twitter account.

On June 6, a second round of presidential elections took place between Fujimori and Castillo.

On June 15, the official count of minutes ended, with Castillo receiving 50.125% of the vote and 49.875% of the vote against Fujimori.

Point Pedro Castillo. Photo: Reuters.

However, the Fujimori Committee put forward about a hundred requests for zero minutes to be resolved by the full commission of JNE so that a winner could finally be officially declared.

On June 23, Judge Louis Ars ruled in favor of J.N.E. He withdrew from the Plenary and left the body without the requisite urgency to resolve the election.

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