September 19, 2021

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Polarization and stroke in the United States

The deep divide in the United States is far behind and conditional on Biden’s efforts to ensure democratic victory in 2022, which will ensure the continuity of his plans.

On July 4, Independence Day, the national holiday of this great country was affected by a serious political crisis that occupied its institutional and political foundations. In 1776, at that extraordinary continental conference they proclaimed independence, something never seen or heard of, and in the 1788 constitution, the founders handcuffed the country to an ideal: individual liberty and social equality guaranteed by an organization of representative democracy. Since then, Americans have fought each other, even in unprecedented violent civil war, to simulate that ideal, against some, with opposing versions of others. In its 245 years, in this extraordinary political experiment, the great issues that shake the politics of our civilization have been discussed and continue to be discussed, preventing their domestic origins from spreading around the world.

Its history has seen great successes and painful failures, great successes and mistakes, unprecedented generosity with bad arrogance. Their community has incredible contradictions: prosperity and prosperity with the most miserable poverty; Policies and utopias argued brilliantly along with indescribable injustices and violent atrocities; One such characteristic is social cohesion and highly indescribable uniqueness; Intense desire for equality with a closed individuality.

Now the United States is increasingly being tortured with extreme political polarization. On the one hand, a good part of the country insists on living the alternative reality, while the other part insists there is no less alternative to another reality. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The former have lost the political sense to become slaves to their idol, the “savior” of their politics and self-worship, while the latter insist on imposing …

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