October 24, 2021

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Police crack down on farmers and indigenous people in Paraguay

Paraguayan peasants and indigenous peoples were repressed by police for the second day in a row this Thursday, in the framework of a protest that rejected congressional approval of a law punishing land grabbing.

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Paraguayan peasants staged protests against the government

Leaders gathered for a second day outside the headquarters of the legislature in Asuncion, demanding the abolition of the regime when the country’s president, Mario Abdo Bends, was attacked by police.

The House last Wednesday approved 49 votes in favor and three votes against a bill that would increase land occupation and occupation by up to ten years in prison, which was approved by the Senate last week.

Wednesday’s demonstration rejecting the bill outside Congress of law was severely repressed by police agents, injuring the balance of 19 tribesmen.

Farmers and indigenous organizations reject this new protocol because they assert that it seeks to criminalize the struggle for land rights.

During the Alfredo Stroessner dictatorship (1954-1989), peasants and tribal people lost millions of hectares at the hands of military rule, which gave these properties to landowners.

During these years, farmers and tribal people took over various lands claiming to have stolen their property.

Tribal leader Derlis Lopez, who was detained for a few hours on Wednesday, warned that “if the law is promulgated, we will come to the meeting (by President Apto Benedes) and we will not shut up anymore”.

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