October 27, 2021

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Pope Francis advocates greater solidarity with immigrants

“The Mediterranean has become Europe’s largest tomb,” Pope Francis said. Photo: Brenza Latin

Pope Francis has called for the development of a determined humanity that will tear down the wall of indifference to the memory of a migratory tragedy that occurred in the Mediterranean in 2015.

Think about it, the Supreme Court said in a comment after concluding the Sunday Angels prayer, stressing that “the Mediterranean Sea has become the largest cemetery in Europe.”

Francisco addressed the issue, referring to a ceremony held today in the port city of Augusta to retrieve the wreckage of the Madonna Adolorata ship that sank on the Sicilian Channel on April 18, 2015.

The wreckage of the boat, which was recovered by the Italian government in 2016 to remove and search for the bodies, was handed over in 2019 to artist Sistof Buchel on display at the Venice Art Finale.

The recovered parts of the fishing vessel were transferred to the port of Sicily last April 20, where they will be a memorial to the victims of one of the major disasters of the Mediterranean migration, leaving the remaining 28, 58 dead and 700 to 900 missing.

(With information by Brenza Latina)

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