October 24, 2021

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Pope Francis invites to see the eyes of the poor

Vatican City.-The Pope Francisco He invited me here today to see the eyes of the poor to see reality in a different way.

In an audience with members of the Italian delegation of the Catholic relief organization Caritas, at the half-century anniversary of its founding, the Supreme Pontiff pointed out, “If we do not have the ability to see the eyes of the poor, look into their eyes, touch them with a hug, by hand, we will do nothing”.

It is through their eyes that we must see reality, because we see the eyes of the poor differently than how reality enters our minds, as Francisco points out, “the path of the expelled.”

In this sense, he noted that history is not viewed from the perspective of conquerors who show beauty and perfection, but from the poor, that is the history of Jesus.

It is the poor who put their finger on the sore of our contradictions and disturb our conscience in a healthy way, calling us to change, he pointed out, when the heart and conscience do not care about seeing the poor, that is why it is necessary to stop “something is not working”.

The pope also stressed the need to maintain the “way of the gospel”, “the style of humble love, concrete but not visual, he did not present,” the style of ungrateful love that seeks no reward.

Finally, Francis referred to the “way of creativity” in which he urged members of Caritas Italiana not to be discouraged by the growing new poor and new poverty, while inviting them to continue to cultivate “brotherly dreams.” Signs of hope “.

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