September 19, 2021

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Portugal also faces fire – Juventus Rebel

LISBON, Aug. 19.- Portugal has extended its alert status due to the risk of a new wildfire while battling a major fire in the southern city of Odemera. .

The warning has been in effect since last Thursday and the Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to extend it because the expected weather conditions significantly increase the risk of fire, the company said in a statement.

The move applies to 14 of the 18 districts in the north and south of the country and strengthens the mobilization of surveillance agencies, support groups for patrol and security operations to avoid dangerous behavior and increase relief. In response.

Meanwhile, about 400 firefighters, about 90 ground fire trucks and eight aerial means, fought against a large island in Otemira, according to civil defense data, where the second-largest disaster of the week occurs after a disaster of 6,700 hectares. In the municipalities of Castro Marim, Tavira and Vila Real de Santo Antonio, on the border with the Spanish province of Huelva, the multinational television company reported.

The situation in Portugal meets many countries in the Mediterranean this summer, including Algeria, France, Italy, Turkey and Spain, which, according to experts, show an increase in wildfires due to climate change.

According to the El Confidential website, fires are more frequent in European countries, with Spain and Portugal being the most affected.

According to sources, in Greece alone and since the end of July, the flames have devastated more than 100,000 hectares and burned hundreds of homes and small businesses in Yupoya, 200 kilometers north of Athens.

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The picture of disaster is repeating itself every year and with increasing frequency in Europe, L Confidential said. As this trend increases, more than 1,200 fires were recorded on the old continent in the first four months of 2019 alone, exceeding just one sample. The average number of fires in the first four months of a decade was 115.

And while countries in the south are having the worst effects, the fire is reaching more and more areas
Due to the north of the planet
The European Commission itself notes that Sweden has “experienced the worst fire season since the data was collected, an unusual situation for a Nordic country,” the report said.

According to Greenpeace, fire increases are the tip of the iceberg on forest conditions and climate change. Heat waves engulf the mountain in flames and they are very destructive.

Urban management will not help either. Without taking into account
Urbanization, housing and infrastructure are forest fires that cannot be built in high-risk areas and are not ready to prevent and mitigate the effects of wildfires. “People living in natural environments have no idea about the risk and do not know their duties and responsibilities in terms of prevention and self-protection of their property. Even if the owners of these properties do not formulate self-protection plans, saving vacant houses and infrastructure above the forest is a priority,” Greenpeace explains.

Although 91 wildfires burned on August 2, according to figures managed by L Confidence, it destroyed nearly 730,000 hectares in the United States, for the first time in at least four years, more than any other recorded on the European continent.

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In a report released a few days ago, the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change listed how global warming will change our planet in the coming decades.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, a combination of prolonged heat waves, accumulated droughts and low humidity and very dry vegetation and unmanaged forests can cause wildfires and virus like never before.