November 29, 2021

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President Costa Rica will return after attending COP26

Alvarado concluded its four-day COP26 participation on Thursday, beginning last Sunday and ending on the 15th, with the closing speech of the Ashton Awards, an award received by leading companies from the United Kingdom and low-income countries. We need to reduce carbon emissions and create a more just world.

The President argued that women and tribal communities should be respected and positive environmental changes implemented at the local level.

He recalled that humans painted their hands in caves 40,000 years ago, and today, many generations later, it is up to this generation to preserve the tradition of “it is in our hands”.

That’s why he stressed that tonight’s winners are so inspiring to see what they are doing not only with their hands, but also with their mind, heart, their soul and their effort.

Alvarado stressed the need to achieve the goal of 1.5 degrees Celsius (global warming), saying that in order to do so, women must respect tribal communities, work with them, empower them and implement them locally.

On that last day in COP26, the President of Costa Rica signed an agreement with the LEAF Alliance, for which Costa Rica will receive $ 10 million for its contribution to the forest in the fight against climate change.

Similarly, in recognition of the efforts of the Costa Rican Forest Department between 2017 and 2021, Costa Rica will sign a bilateral agreement with Norway next week for another $ 10 million, of which the country has seized a total of 5.2 billion tons of carbon. Dioxide.

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Both agreements operate under a pay-as-you-go plan, meaning that the work done by Costa Rica in environmental matters is recognized without transferring emissions reductions to the country or the purchasing company.

Environment and Energy Minister Andrea Mesa, for her part, pointed out that as forests grow, they capture and store carbon dioxide, one of the most important greenhouse gases.

Therefore, deforestation and deforestation are a major cause of climate crisis, so conserving existing forests is an important step to avoid adverse conditions.

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