October 24, 2021

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Prinza Latina – Cuba calls for Selag revival to strengthen region

The President of Cuba was one of the first to intervene in the opening session of the meeting at the National Palace in Mexico City.

Díaz-Canel thanked representatives of regional governments for US funding and support against threats to Cuba’s integrity and sovereignty.

He reiterated that the Cubans would defend the socialist state of human rights and social justice for the benefit of all as Jose Marti wished, and thanked the United States for its demands for the deliberate lifting of the siege in the event of an epidemic. The majority of the international community.

It is a gross violation of human rights in Cuba by a government that uses intimidation, aggression and coercive measures against a people.

He condemned US intervention and its imperialist intent to impede the sovereign development of the countries of the continent, which is an insult to international law.

Theas-Kennel advocated for solidarity, regional cooperation and the strengthening of solidarity, for which the Selak foundation and its integration are crucial.

In the case of Cuba, despite the economic blockade and the economic downturn, the country was able to advance in science, especially in the field of medical science, and was able to cooperate with the people in that area.

Cuba already has three vaccines against Govt-19 and two candidates who will soon achieve that classification, thanks to the idea and intent of Fidel Castro, a leading promoter of scientific and technological development in Cuba, a victory in favor of Latin America and the Caribbean.

He believed that after two centuries of struggles and beliefs, Selak had fulfilled the wishes of our heroes for regional integration.

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He said it was time to close the deep gaps that divide us and move towards integration, cooperation and solidarity.

He praised Venezuela’s respectful speech in Mexico and condemned the sanctions imposed on Nicaragua for interfering in the internal affairs of the Caribbean, preventing them from receiving fair treatment for their demands for compensation for the damage caused by colonialism and slavery. And he specifically mentioned the case of Haiti.

He called for the continuation of the peace process in Colombia, the restoration of the Malvinas’ sovereignty to Argentina, and the fulfillment of Puerto Rico’s commitment to colonization, independence and independence.

His ultimate plea is not to miss the opportunity to build history.

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