September 19, 2021

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Putin: Russia will not interfere in Afghanistan – rebel youth

MOSCOW, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) – President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday vowed that his country would closely monitor the situation in Afghanistan, but assured that Russia would not “certainly” interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. Conflict against all.

After classifying the situation as “complex and worrisome”, Moscow noted that the conflict in Afghanistan had been “going on for decades” and said Moscow was following it closely, actively liaising with allies of the collective security agreement.

“The Soviet Union had its own experience of staying in that country. We learned the necessary lessons,” the Russian president said, warning of possible threats to Russia from Afghanistan.

“Terrorists who have taken refuge in Afghanistan, various groups, are in danger of exploiting the chaos left in the country by our Western counterparts and starting to intensify directly in neighboring states. Similarly, the problem of drug trafficking is likely to increase and the illicit migration problem is likely to worsen. These are all threats to us,” Putin said. According to the RT site.

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