November 29, 2021

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Questioned government legislation for next week in Uruguay

The Electoral Court had to verify only 80,000 signatures and call for a popular consultation in support of achieving the 671st Constitution, in support of which social organizations had collected nearly 800,000 entries.

On the recommendation of the pro-referendum commission, Rafael Michelini responded by saying that the executive would convene a press conference on Friday at its headquarters to obtain a “technical workshop” on the LUC, which will be chaired by the Deputy Secretary to the President. Received criticism from the legislators of the Broad Front.

Senators Oscar Andrade, Mario Ferrara and Alejandro Sanchez noted in July 2020 that the ruling coalition had refused to explain the contents of the Almighty Law, which contains nearly 500 articles.

Related to the consequences of the LUC, former Labor Minister Ernesto Muro warned that many wage earners would have to wait until the age of 71 to collect the minimum pension income, in line with the government’s proposal for social security reform.

Other signals in the same direction were agreed by the telecom and construction unions to mobilize against the handing over of the state cultural complex Antel Arena and a successful public parent company to private companies.

The ruling party’s senatorial bench took part in an extraordinary interlocutory session with its own industry minister, Omar Paganini, in which Frente Amplio lawmakers did not object because they saw it as a political ploy against the company’s former president, Carolina Cosse.

The National Federation of Intermediate Education Teachers (FENOPS) has launched a 24-hour strike against pay cuts and has decided to strike if colleagues are fired in 2019 for campaigning against the National Party’s “Let’s Live Without Fear” program. Defeated in the referendum.

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As Special Representatives of the United Nations, they expressed their concerns to the Uruguayan Foreign Ministry about a plan in Parliament to free the oppressors from the dictatorship of the past.

Encouraged by the official party senator, Kapildo Aberdeo found that the group of relatives of the disappeared detained during the 1973-1985 period of state terrorism was rejected, and its spokesman Ignacio Errantonia described it as an immoral and false precedent that “nothing has happened here.” The crimes they committed “.

At the same time, he reiterated at a press conference at Parliament headquarters that “they know where our relatives are and they did not say so.”

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