November 29, 2021

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Radio Havana Cuba | Cuba has reopened its borders for tourism and international travelers

Havana, Nov. Cuba’s tourism sector is set to reopen today after nearly two years of closures and restrictions, with the withdrawal of 15 (RHC) customers and regaining a foothold in the international market.

At the time, only the tourist poles of Varadero in Matanzas and the Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Coco on the island’s central north coast received vacations, while airports never received the minimum number, although they never closed. People, as well as humanitarian and cargo planes.

After fierce conflict with the Covit-19 epidemic and massive immunization campaign, Cuba has decided to open its borders and resume tourism activities, administering 27 million 39 thousand 584 native vaccines Soberana 02, Soberana Plus and Abdala. .

According to health officials, it has allowed 8 million 307 thousand 956 people, representing 74.3 percent of the Cuban population, to receive a complete immunization program, the main approval the nation has shown to gain visitors since this Monday.

In addition, the implementation and adherence to the plan is highly hygienic and safe tourism, with more than 2,300 facilities certified by strict health regulations, which guarantee the safety of visitors. Services and offers.

With these activities, four thousand new hotel rooms and various entertainment projects were added.

It is also noteworthy that workers from the Department of Transport, Customs, Immigration and Air Transport, and the Department of Public Health were among the first to be vaccinated.

Flights and arrivals will increase from today as 10 international airports are ready to receive more than 400 flights a week, which will vary further depending on the airlines’ demands to travel to the Caribbean, including Americans. Must have 147 visits per week.

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Although Cuba has removed the isolation of international travelers (Cuban or foreign), certificates issued in the countries of origin and medical surveillance during their stay are still required as part of established epidemiological control.

The PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) display when entering the border is replaced by the above certification, which may be electronic, and confirmation of any type of vaccine cycle approved by the visitor countries will be accepted.

Despite the aforementioned flexibility, epidemiological surveillance is strictly maintained, and owners in private shelters are obliged to report the status of their guests and maintain health monitoring.

As Minister of Tourism Juan Carlos Garcia recently noted, it is the restricted and stumbled reopening of borders and tourism facilities that guarantees the highest level of hygienic-health care and quality travel, which will last in the memory of those who enjoy them.

Similarly, as of today the domestic market can fully enjoy the tourism offer of the country.

In order to reopen tourism, Cuba has decided to gradually resume passenger arrivals and departures, allowing pleasure boats on regional waters permanently, and is expected to resume the entry of cruise ships from next month, according to the ministry’s forecasts. Transportation.