November 29, 2021

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Radio Havana Cuba | Maduro condemns US abduction of Venezuelan ambassador

President Nicolas Maduro

Caracas, Oct 18 (RHC) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has condemned the kidnapping of US diplomat Alex Saab.

“The U.S. Empire took a Venezuelan diplomat in violation of all international law, which is the second abduction against him, the first of which took place on June 12, 2020 in Cape Verde,” the first president said.

Maduro stressed that Saab was arrested despite being Venezuela’s special envoy to Africa, adding that “he was officially recognized for the standards of the Vienna Conference, Geneva and the United Nations.”

“At a time when the persecution against Venezuela was intensifying, Alex Chop was going as a special envoy to buy food and petrol for Venezuela. Alex Chop, “said the head of state.

The president pointed out that there were other factors after Saab’s abduction, such as the extremist factions of the Colombian government and the Venezuelan opposition, “he (Saab) was persecuted by the Colombian narco-oligarchy along with the US Empire,” he explained.

“They took him to an unhealthy prison. They treated him like dark, shitty rats, like the worst horror movie. Members of the US government. They beat and tortured him for days and they used electricity for several days,” President Maduro denounced.

The president not only tried to illegally suffocate the Venezuelan economy with the embassy abduction, but also insisted that he be forced to give false testimony to tarnish the Bolivarian process.

“They wanted to force him to lie and turn him into a false accuser against Venezuela, which Alex Chab never accepted,” President Maduro said.

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Referring to Saab’s illegal detention, the head of state said that despite receiving a house from prison in Cape Verde, the diplomat had violated due process by saying, “With the threat of 100 gunmen, they did not allow his wife or his women to come to that country to see him. It was one of the worst injustices in the world.” Added.

“Yesterday a second abduction was seen, they passed everything, they beat him and took him away without informing the lawyers or relatives. Venezuela is moving to Geneva, United Nations. We are moving at all levels,” President Maduro acknowledged.

President Nicolas Maduro has denounced his Colombian counterpart, Evan Duke, for promoting racism against Venezuelan immigrants.

“In Colombia they kill two Venezuelans a day, there is a hate campaign, Evan Duke announces every day against Venezuela, out of 10 messages, nine promote hate against Venezuela,” the president accused.

The head of state reiterated that the Colombian government is politically and economically based on cocaine production, adding that “this is a failed state where the narco-paramilitary and drug economy rule.”