September 19, 2021

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Recent News on Corona Virus and Vaccine, Live | EMA does not consider a third dose of the vaccine for the general public | Community

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The European Medicines Agency (EMA) does not consider administering a third dose of the Covit-19 vaccine to the general public, as the company announced in a statement on Thursday. Immune deficiency. Head of Government Pedro Sanchez visited the Guadalajara-based vaccination service this Thursday. It was in this city that the national vaccination campaign against Govt-19 began in late December. “The success of this vaccine is a lesson of great patriotism,” he said. In a joint statement issued this Wednesday, US-based company Moderna and its Japanese partner Daketa pledged “no evidence”. Road pollution His vaccine and the deaths of two Japanese citizens. Several batches of more than one and a half million vaccines made in Spain were withdrawn last week in Japan as a result of the discovery of some bottles contaminated with steel particles. Two died after receiving the dose from the withdrawn blocks.

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