January 27, 2021

Republican Senator David Berto should be isolated after Govt-19 revelation | American News

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Georgia Republican Senator David Bertue will be isolated after being isolated from someone with Covit-19 disease.

On Thursday the senator was informed that he had “come into close contact with someone in the campaign who tested positive for Govt-19”, according to a statement issued by his campaign.

“Both Senator Bertue and his wife tested negative today, but they will be isolated, following the doctor’s recommendations and CDC guidelines,” the statement said.

David Bertue

Report from our campaign: pic.twitter.com/3U3TJ9Va9l

December 31, 2020

The campaign did not specify how long the senator planned to isolate. Donald Trump is expected to rally in support of Republican candidates in Georgia on Monday, just before the election, which will determine the Senate’s control.

Senator Kelly Lofler, who was appointed to his seat last December, will face Perfu as John Osoff challenges Rafael Warnock. Neither Bertue nor Lofler cleared the 50% threshold needed to win their seats, sparking runs on January 5th.

If Bertue and Lofler lose their races, the Senate chamber will be divided equally between the parties, with Kamala Harris voting for a tie-breaking when she accepts the post of vice president. Voting shows that the contest is close and the fate of the candidates is intertwined.

The dual elections have attracted national attention since Joe Biden became the first Democratic presidential candidate to carry the state since 1992. As a sign of that enthusiasm, more than 2.8 million voters in Georgia have already registered to vote – participating in an election.

Harris will travel to Georgia on Sunday to campaign for the Democrats, and Biden will host an event on Monday.