October 24, 2021

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Rodriguez Barrila: Cuba appreciates many expressions of international support

Latin America is with Cuba. Photo: un BrunoRguezP / Twitter.

Cuba appreciates the many expressions of support coming from all over the world. Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Barrilla took to social networking site Twitter this Friday.

In a statement this week, Bolivia’s Foreign Ministry expressed its solidarity with the events in the Caribbean, saying “a situation affecting the political and social stability of this country affects the courageous peaceful coexistence of the people.”

He highlighted that as well Global economic crisis affecting the entire planet This reflects the greater impact on a country, which is an unacceptable and blatant violation of human rights, the siege.

Our Bolivarian Alliance for the American People – The Alpha-TCP (People’s Trade Agreement) expressed its full support for the Cuban people and government, continuing to discredit campaigns and attempts to provoke a social upheaval to justify an organized intervention funded by the United States government.

(With information from ACN)

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