January 27, 2021

Rudy Giuliani says Donald Trump’s legal team ‘not finished’ after Supreme Court defeat

Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer for US President Donald Trump, has indicated that Trump’s legal team will continue to challenge the outcome of the November 3 presidential election on December 11. Giuliani’s comments come after the Supreme Court rejected the reversal of the vote count in four swing states: Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The Supreme Court said the Texas-led lawsuit had no legal right to sue over how other states conduct their elections. However, Trump’s attorney pointed out that he could bring his complaints back to the lower courts.

In a televised interview with Newsmax, Giuliani said, “There is nothing stopping us from filing these cases immediately in the district court, in which the president must stand, and some voters must stand that their constitutional rights have been violated.”

“We’re not done. Believe me,” he concluded.

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Trump’s legal campaign

Giuliani’s comments follow the most significant legal setback the GOP legal campaign has faced since the election. Trump and his allies in the state government have repeatedly filed lawsuits based on widespread allegations of voter fraud and irregularities that could cost the presidential election. However, almost all have been dismissed for lack of evidence to stop. Although Giuliani has failed to divert any state from disrupting the election results, he has been making high-profile appearances in front of lawmakers in the war-torn states.

Trump, on the other hand, repeatedly questions the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s victory and seeks to reconsider in several states, even though election officials have already certified the president’s victory in the presidential election. Following the US Supreme Court’s order, the frustrated Donald Trump took to Twitter to say, “We will bring you down.” While Trump accused the country’s highest judicial body of lacking wisdom or courage, Mike Quinn, Joe Biden’s campaign spokesman, said the decision was “not surprising.” According to the report, the Texas Attorney General said the court order was “unfortunate” and promised to “tirelessly defend the integrity and security of the U.S. election.”

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