November 29, 2021

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Senator Marco Rubio blocks appointment of ambassador as “apologist for Castro regime”

(Agencies) – Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, of Cuban descent, announced on Tuesday that he was blocking the appointment of Julia Reinoso as US ambassador to Spain, saying he was “an apologist for Fidel Castro’s regime” and urged him not to increase pressure on Cuba, the regime in Cuba and Nicaragua.

“Julisa Rhino is a supporter and apologist of the Bandalion Castro regime, and she should not be in our government,” said Rubio, deputy chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and a top member of the Foreign Relations Committee. Same camera.

The senator pointed to “the direct involvement of presidential candidate Joe Biden (former President Barack Obama) and Castro” in the policy of appeasing imprisoned members of the Cuban regime’s intelligence while exchanging prison sentences while serving their sentences in Madrid. This, in his opinion, raises serious doubts about his character and judgment.

In his opinion, the nominee helped to “exchange imprisoned members of the Cuban regime’s intelligence while they were serving sentences in a U.S. prison.”

The senator notes that during the Obama administration (2009-2017), Rhinoceros served as Latin America’s head of state for three years. Dissolving years.

“I have one thing in common: the rhinoceros will not pressure Spain to increase pressure against the dictatorial regimes of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. In fact, he will blindly allow Spain,” he said. , According to a report by his team.

In this way, he added, the United States “needs someone in the Western Hemisphere who is committed to freedom and human rights, not the dictatorship.”

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During the hearing to examine Rhinoceros’ appointment in early October, several Democratic senators criticized President Pedro Sanchez’s government for not sharing Washington’s strategy against Cuba.

During the session, lawmakers pressured the diplomat to exert influence over the Spanish government on issues related to Latin America.

Rhinoso, of Dominican descent, said in his response, “I am well aware of Spain’s mediocre policy in some of these countries, especially Cuba and Venezuela and Nicaragua. I should add.”

Rhinoso, Uruguay’s ambassador, confirmed that Spain’s ambassador to Madrid was “intended” to be “more vocal” towards these countries, “mainly considering its key influence and interests in Cuba.” “Spain can do a lot more,” he told the inquest.

Rubio is the Vice President of the Investigative Committee in the US Senate and a senior member of the Foreign Committee in the US Senate.

In order to be confirmed in office, the rhinoceros must be approved by a vote of the Upper House Foreign Relations Committee and then the entire Senate.

As an ambassador for the Rhinoceros in Madrid, he reaffirmed Spain’s “intention” to give Spain a greater voice, “mainly considering its core influence and interests in Cuba.”

The siege put forward by Rubio meant that his appointment would not be put to a vote in the full session of that chamber.

In the past, paradigms of siege helped to delay or end legislative initiatives or appointments, although in other cases they were used by senators to obtain concessions from the government on issues of their choice.

Rubio, on the other hand, has also barred Biden’s nominee Nicholas Burns, the U.S. ambassador to China, who, according to the senator, “has a career that is limited by his lack of understanding of the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party.”

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“In fact, Burns did not show any remorse or concern for his current business relationship with companies operating in China,” he said, adding that he was “the right kind of candidate” he expects from the president because of the administration’s weak focus.


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