January 19, 2021

Stay away from the Sino-Indian border line, China US India News

New Delhi: Responding to the outgoing US Ambassador Kenneth FixChinese Ambassador to India comments on LIC stand-off Sun Wheatong It attacked the United States on Wednesday, asking it not to interfere in the Sino-Indian border issue.
In his farewell address, Juster brought up the border position, noting that at the same time Country It contributed to the protection of India and Indians as well as the United States, and confirmed the existence of Indo-US cooperation on the military situation in Ladakh.
“Our close coordination is important as India faces aggressive Chinese actions on its border on a consistent basis,” Juster said.
Sun accused the United States of targeting China on its way Relationships With India. “We look at recent US comments about China. We oppose any third party interference in the China-India border issue, and we hope that US relations with others will not target any particular country,” Sun said in a tweet.
This is not the first time China has asked the United States to stay away from the LIC position. Its Ministry of Foreign Affairs China and India have a complete border-related mechanism and communication channel, as well as the ability to resolve this issue through dialogue.
Juster declined to elaborate on the nature of military cooperation with India on the LIC issue. “If the Indian government wants to comment, it is for the Indian government. Suffice it to say that we cooperated,” he said.