September 19, 2021

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Talia showed damage to her home in New York after the flood

Heavy rains hit the walls of Talia’s house (Photo: Instagram / Talia)

The remaining storm a few days ago Hurricane “Ida” Caused many things Flood And accidents in several northern states of the United States, which caused 46 deaths And large material losses New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Talia, Has been living in New York since he married an American businessman Tony MotolaOne of the victims of the great storm that hit the city.

Although living in A Exclusive residential area In the city, the Mexican singer was not affected by the loss of her home and property, she showed in a video posted on her official account to her Instagram followers.

Talia had high material losses (Instagram photo: Talia)
Talia had high material losses (Instagram photo: Talia)

In the video that is the singer With his “Follow” songTalia revealed Various costumes It was wet and The soil was stained The flood brought home. Among the damaged, numerous shoe pieces were found, among them Versace and Prada sneakers, Dresses and blouses made exclusively for her, as well as various cosmetics.

Similarly, the artist showed how the workers were fired A part of your home rug, Was completely wet; In the same way, he showed how They removed coatings from the interior of the hallway walls of their homeBecause they were devastated by the flood.

Talia shared her grief and sent a message to her supporters:In situations like this, it becomes clear to us that wealth is important, Not one in this world. The only wealth we have to gain is spiritualityHe and I build day by day by our actions, by our love and trust, ”the singer wrote.

The singer showed the moment her house was flooded. Catch: ால Talia / Instagram
The singer showed the moment her house was flooded. Catch: ால Talia / Instagram

After lamenting the horrific situation thousands of people are experiencing at this time, Talia offered to help anyone in need: “We must stand up and support each other by hand. I know Many of our Latin brethren suffer With this now. Please let me know what my help will be worth”.

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A few days ago the singer showed how his house was a little flooded “What’s going on in my house! No, no, it’s going to explode!”Talia shared what happened in real time on her social networks.

Social media users were released Harsh criticism against the artist, Because they confirmed it His laughter was out of placeAlthough she said she was too nervous not to laugh.

Talia celebrates her 50th birthday with her family Photo: Instagram / thalia
Talia celebrates her 50th birthday with her family Photo: Instagram / thalia

In the same way, They criticized the English speaking system, Because he mixed common words and expressions of the Spanish language when describing what he experienced. And some more, They criticized her for “exaggerating”They argued that the singer had insurance to cover the costs, so the singer would not face financial loss.

Talia Celebrated his 50th birthday With one a week ago Feast on your personal boat Balloon arrangements and with a surprise Fireworks From an island in New York.

Through her social networks, the singer shared the following message with her supporters: “50. So I live my life ‘without account’ From those bad experiences, but learning from them. The people who hurt me don’t countBut by treasuring people who love me. “