January 19, 2021

Texas newspaper misrepresents Capitol rebels dressed as Trump supporters as ‘members of Antifa’

A newspaper in Tyler, Texas, described the riots in U.S. Capitol on Friday as politically anti-fascist, but a few hours later it promised to rectify the situation.

Tyler Morning Telegraph, which serves 107,000 population, 50 percent non-white The city in East Texas directed the Associated Press photo of the rioters, saying “Antifa members dressed as supporters of President Donald Trump climbed the west wall of the U.S. Capitol in Washington on Wednesday.”

Supporters of President Donald Trump seized Capitol briefly and violently on Wednesday. Five people, including a police officer, were killed during the riots. Trump initially embraced the rioters and tweeted, “We love you.” But then he rebuked those who broke the law by saying “you will pay”.

Claims of the Antifa Rebellion were broadcast on the Fox Business Network and Fox News, where Lou Tops, U.S. Representative Mo Brooks, R-Ala, and former Alaska NGO Paulin spread the theory.

“I think it’s a lot of antifa folks,” said former Alaska NGO Pauline Said Wednesday night on Fox News.

So far, it seems that the participants in the siege of the capital identified by photos and video are Trump supporters or far-right activists.

The Texas Press tweeted Friday afternoon that it was aware of the headline “We have misidentified protesters as members of Antifa” and promised to correct the interpretation on all its platforms.

“It was inserted by one person and did not represent the comments or opinions of the Tyler Morning Telegraph,” it said.

Author John Anderson said in an email that the title was “not done by the editorial” or the AP. He suggested trying to lay the groundwork for what happened.