November 29, 2021

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The 4 elections to be held in Latin America will determine the direction of the region

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With a few more weeks to go before the end of the year, many electoral processes are still pending in the region to define when to understand the direction of the respective communities. Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and Honduras will face important elections by the end of the year.

Chile chooses Pinera’s successor

In the upcoming election process, perhaps the most important of all will be Chile, the successor to President Sebastian Pinera and the election of new senators and delegates to Congress. The first presidential election will be held on November 21 and the second, if necessary, on December 19.

Poll results will be revealed The scale of the impact of the 2019 social explosion on Chilean society, Which accelerated the constitutional change that was yet to take place at the Constituent Assembly.

The new president will retain power until 2026, and he must seal the new constitution if the 2/3 consensus needed to agree on its final words is reached.

The decision will determine whether Chile will move towards a more egalitarian and democratic society or, conversely, whether the conservatism that proudly restores military dictatorship will prevail.

Of the candidates for the throne, two stand alone, according to opinion polls.

On the one hand, Jose Antonio Cast, The extreme right-wing and pro-Pochetista leader, both due to the depreciation caused by social mobilizations and the inability of Pinara to confront them.

Another preferred candidate Gabriel Borick, A young left-wing leader from the student world, defends the demands of the street struggles, but with a much more moderate reading than the radical factions he defeated in the primary exams.

The decision will determine whether Chile will move towards a more egalitarian and democratic society or, conversely, whether the conservatism that proudly restores military dictatorship will prevail.

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However, before the Chilean election, the first election will take place in Argentina.

Argentina: Peronism in Trouble

The Peronist formula that brought Alberto Fernandez to power two years ago looks weak to the next Parliamentary election, Which will take place next Sunday, where 127 delegates (257 in total) and 24 senators (out of a conditional 72) will be elected.

The Priorities On September 12, they proved a fall in the Peronist vote, which was 10 points lower than the opposition. If this trend continues on Sunday, it could give the opposition a majority in the House of Representatives and lose the quorum in the Senate.

Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Fernandez, President and Vice President of Argentina, complete their campaign in Buenos Aires on November 11, 2021, Matias Baglietto / Reuters

These elections are called the Middle Ages They are important to the government because they will define the edge of its maneuver in the remaining two years.. Therefore, a set of social measures, including pay rises and price controls, are being implemented and trying to change course.

If the legislature loses control, there will be a large field for the government and many obstacles to gaining power. Amid the intensifying economic crisis in recent years, there are no signs of giving up.


The region in Venezuela on November 21 is classified as a ‘mega-election’ because, with the exception of 253 state legislators, the governorships of the entire country (23) and mayors (335) will be controversial. And 2,451 councilors.

The event is particularly important for the Venezuelan opposition, as the ruling party, which currently holds 19 governorships and 310 mayors, is in favor for a variety of reasons.

The first of these, in the last three elections – including the most important elections such as the Presidential (2018) and the Legislative Assembly (2020) – has called on the opposition to abstain. Unlike previous elections, it is necessary to vote in elections.

The Venezuelan opposition has called for abstention in previous elections and is reaching a referendum marked by a major split in its ranks.

In addition, the opposition took a long time to confirm their participation in the event, which prevented them from inviting the primary and this has created a large division in its ranks. There are still important leaders, whose parties participate, but do not eagerly present their candidates.

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Honestly, General Secretaries of the main opposition parties Julio Borges (first judge), Ramos Allop (democratic action) and Leopoldo Lopez (popular will) Not involved in the campaign And insists that there are no minimum conditions for second participation.

A month after the mega election in Venezuela: What can happen?

A month after the mega election in Venezuela: What can happen?

Only Manuel Rosales, the head of Ann Nuevo Timebo, was involved in the race to elect the government of Julia, the country’s main state.

All major states have two or more opposition leaders If they do not agree, the opposition will split the vote And will give the ruling party a decisive victory. However, the union has already emerged in the state of Miranda, perhaps the most politically significant, where the National Progressive candidate has resigned to garner votes against the ruling party and the chances of achieving it have increased.

Savismo has similar candidates, but they are not strong enough to compete in important positions.


Finally, on Sunday, November 28, the presidential election in Honduras takes place. In this case, the election event will be more spicy than usual in this country.

On the one hand, the candidate who comes first in the election Siomara Castro, The wife of Manuel Zelaya, the famous president who was overthrown in 2009 by a military coup led by Roberto Micheletti.

For others, Nasri ‘Titto’ Asfura, From the National Party (PN), a man close to the current mayor and current president of Tegucigalpa, Juan Orlando Hernandez, whose order has been withheld because of his involvement in drug trafficking. His brother Juan Antonio Hernandez, He was sentenced Up to life imprisonment in the United States. The sentencing judge not only mediated in bribing politicians, including his brother, through drug trafficking, but also justified his actions as “government-provided”.

In this situation, the right-wing party BN A ‘McCarthyite’ strategy Condemnation and mobilization against the ‘communism’ that Castro represents and the coalition of parties that support it (left and center-right).

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In short, Latin America is preparing for four election events (it could take five if a second round is needed in Chile) to define it More or less The feeling that our nations carry when it appears that there is no such thing as a successful ideology, but rather the ups and downs of each of them.

Ozil Ali Lopez

He is a sociologist, political analyst and professor at Venezuela Central University. He has won the prize for Municipal Literature for 2015 through his book Give him more petrol And the Clacso / Sida Award for Young Researchers in 2004. Collaborator on various media in Europe, USA and Latin America.