October 24, 2021

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The Argentine government condemns Macri for sending arms to Bolivia

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The Argentine government on Monday condemned former Argentine President Mauricio Macri It is alleged that munitions were sent to Bolivia in the framework of repression prior to the plot against Evo Morales., Télam reported.

The presentation was signed by Defense Minister Sabina Frederick; Federal Public Revenue Administrator (AFIP), Mercedes Marquez del Bond; And Minister of Justice and Human Rights Martin Soria.

A few hours ago, former judge Eduardo Freel, a former member of the National Criminal and Correctional Appeals Board, specifically condemned Macri for aggravated trafficking and illegal trafficking in firearms and ammunition.

These are the first formal complaints of justice since the announcement by Bolivian Foreign Minister Rogelio Meida Official document verifying the export of bullets, tear gas and grenades at the beginning of Jeanine Áñez’s presidency, An action that both Macri and his government officials refused.

On Sunday, Justice Minister Soria Alberto Fernandez told the C5N channel that the government had “announced a complaint with various state agencies because they had violated agreements and conventions.”

“Of course the news will come in the next few hours because the truth is very serious,” he said.

Until now, Two government agencies have launched a formal investigation into the shipment of weapons to Bolivia During the internal political conflict that led to the removal of Morales.

On the one hand, the Special Finance Division in the investigation of crimes related to firearms, ammunition and other controlled substances (UFARM), on the other, the Directorate General of Customs (DGA).

The diplomatic scandal erupted last Friday, with Bolivian Foreign Minister Meida issuing a letter thanking Bolivian Air Force Commander Jorge Gonzalo Terceros Laura and then Argentine Ambassador Normando Alvarez Garcia. Cooperation was provided “within the framework of international support” due to the conflicting situation in Bolivia. “

The document details the weapons allegedly sent, dated November 13, 2019: 40,000 AT 12/70 rubber bullet cartridges, 18 MK-9 spray tear gas, five MK-4 spray tear gas, 50 CN gas shells, 19 CS gas grenades and 52 HC gas shells.

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The day before, former center-right senator Jeanine ez had accepted the presidency of Bolivia, while the leader of the movement for socialism (MAS), which had won a new re-election, had sought refuge in Mexico as a political asylum amid allegations of fraud and violent repression on the streets.

பிறez, who has been charged with terrorism, treason and conspiracy in addition to other crimes related to the Sagas and Sengkata massacres, is currently in custody, where about thirty civilians were killed by security forces.

(With information from RT in Spanish)