September 19, 2021

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The Brazilian Senate rescinded the decree of Jair Bolzano on the networks

The President of the Brazilian Senate on Tuesday rejected an order with legislation signed by the President Jair Bolzano, Which changed the rules of content neutrality on social media and, according to its critics, make it harder to combat misinformation.

Rodrigo PachecoThe Speaker of the Upper House, Bolsanaro, said the order violated constitutional provisions and created “lawlessness”, for which he returned it to the President. Left without effect.

Almost simultaneously and for the same reasons, a Supreme Court judge ordered Stop with caution Consequences of Presidential action.

This regulation, even if it came into force immediately, would have to be a law to be enacted and approved in Congress, which changed the rules of the Internet civil framework. The government sought to combat “arbitrary and unnecessary removal of accounts, profiles and content by providers”.

This text established a series of hypotheses that would have “reasonable cause” Remove content or suspend users (Commission for Crimes, Violence, etc.) and imposed new protocols on sites for the use of these suspensions.

Pacheco warned that issues related to “political rights, freedom of expression, communication and expression of thought” could not be addressed. Order with the force of law, Immediate effect and it corresponds to Congress to analyze a matter “High technical complexity” like this.

Facebook, Other organizations affected and civil society organizations, had already warned that one Order unconstitutionalOpposition lawmakers went to the Supreme Court to block it.

The President of Brazil has already removed the content from his networks for spreading Misinformation about Govt-19, Suspension of accounts or deletion of content applied for by platforms, subject to their terms, qualifies him and his supporters as “auditors”.

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Siege by court hearings and the chaotic management of the epidemic, Bolzano issued the order ahead of tense mass protests last Tuesday in which he provoked his supporters with new attacks on companies, especially the judiciary.

Several days later, he withdrew his threats and said his statements against the Supreme Court had been delivered “in the heat of the moment.”