October 24, 2021

Sagebrush Rider

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The cat was found alive in the rubble of a collapsed building on Miami Beach

A cat named Pinks, who lived on the ninth floor of a South Florida building that collapsed two weeks ago, was found safe today and returned to his family, officials said.

Gina Nicole Vlasek, co-founder of The Kitty Complex, posted on Facebook that a Pink-like cat was found near the rubble of the Surface building and taken to the Miami Beach facility near the group.

A former resident of South Sampling Towers South went to The Kitty campus on Friday and confirmed the cat was his, Vlasek said. “We are very grateful to have been able to help in any way,” he said.

Miami-Tate County Mayor Daniel Levine Kawa said during a news conference Friday night that Pinks was recognized by a volunteer who was feeding cats near the collapsed building.

“I am glad that this little miracle can bring a little light into the lives of the grieving family today and provide a bright spot for our entire community in the midst of this terrible tragedy,” said Levin Kawa.

The mayor said workers are confident in rescuing pets that may have survived the deadly crash.

The 12-story building collapsed in the early hours of June 24. The death toll rose to 79 after more than a dozen bodies were found. Of the 79 confirmed deaths, 53 have been identified.

Miami-Date police released the names of eight victims Friday afternoon. Among them was Sophia Lopez Morera, sister of the first lady of Paraguay, her husband Luis Bettencill and Luis Lopez Morera, 3, one of their three children.