October 24, 2021

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The Cuban President congratulated the Alpha-DCP meeting in Venezuela

Havana-. Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Colonel today welcomed the celebration of the XIX Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance in Venezuela on behalf of the people of our US-People Trade Agreement (ALPA-DCP).

Just like 17 years ago, Cuba is among you, this time in the voice of Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. The President wrote on his Twitter account that even 200 years after the famous Karachi war, our United States continues to bet on integration.

The meeting brings together state and government leaders and other representatives of member states to mark the 200th anniversary of the victory of the epic war led by Seaman Bolivar.

“There was Cuban blood in the fields where the #Patalladecarabobo 200 was fought, and it will be whenever the fate of our Venezuelan brothers is in danger,” the politician said.

Theos-Colonel congratulated his Venezuelan rival Nicolas Maduro and the people of South America on a historic date.

“Cuba #patalladekarabobo shares the sentiments of the historic project created in 200,” he added in another message.

With the goal of an alliance for life and liberty, the Alpha-TCP appointment contributes to the review of agreements adopted this year at various meetings of the organization aimed at strengthening cooperation in strategic areas.

In other areas, exchange is encouraged in health, agriculture and food, education, politics and communication.

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