October 24, 2021

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The Cubans are trapped in the middle of the jungles of Panama

A group of Cubans is trying to reach out United States, The police and the military Panama They are prevented from continuing, which is why they are currently trapped in the middle of the Panamanian jungle.

According to videos circulating on social media, Cubans describe themselves as being in a forest called Puerto Obaldia, where more than 200 people are prevented from entering its territory.

They also denounce the misconduct by the Panamanian authorities, who created a kind of defensive line to block their traffic.

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“We are in Puerto Obaltia. We only ask that they let us pass peacefully. Someone in the army fired in the air. There were children there. They threatened tear gas. We don’t need to do that,” he said. Currently one of the Cubans.

Everything in the pictures is dark because it was night and the Cubans were lit by lights. “We want to pass” others around him shouted “we need justice and help”.

In the video, several small children are seen in the arms of their parents, waiting to be able to move to Panama. “There are pregnant women. We are fleeing kidnapping, robbery, rape. They will not let us pass.”

When these Cubans crossed a large area of ​​the Darian forest in Panama and reached the border, they encountered a police picket line.

“We want to continue,” the Cubans shouted. “They weren’t even looking for water to give us.” The Cubans organized themselves in a kind of line in the middle of the Panama jungle, hoping that the authorities would allow them to continue on their way.

They also report that some of the people fainted or became very tired due to the intense journey through Darian, which is not a bar for the authorities either.

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According to official statistics, the size Cuban immigrants Reaching the United States by 2021 across the Darian Forest is dangerously high. So far this year, 3,383 Cubans have arrived in the country from Colombia via an “irregular” route, according to Panama’s Directorate of Migration.

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