September 19, 2021

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The expatriate caravan leaves southern Mexico in protest of the slow asylum process


By Jose Torres

Tapasula, Mexico, August 28 (Central Reuters) – Hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers from Central American and Caribbean countries left Tapasula in a caravan heading to the Mexican capital on Saturday.

The group of about 500 people includes families with small children from Haiti, Cuba, Central America and Colombia, according to a Reuters witness.

The caravan occurs after several days of protests by immigrants in the city of Tapasula, who are demanding that they expedite their cases to leave the state of Chiapas and relocate to other parts of Mexico or move without risk to the U.S. border. Deportation. According to local media.

According to Mexican law, immigrants must stay in the state seeking asylum until their cases are settled, and the process can take months or years.

On Saturday morning, dozens of immigrants gathered around a banner reading “Tapasula Carcel Microtoria”, waving flags and shouting, “Yes, we can.”

Both Mexico and the United States have been heavily displaced this year, especially from Central America, where violence, poverty and hunger have forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agencies have arrested more than 1.2 million people or removed refugees since October.

Mexico faces increasing pressure from Washington to take action to reduce immigration to the United States. In recent weeks, the Mexican government has flown thousands of migrants to southern Mexico, where they were transported by buses to the Guatemalan border.

The United States has called for the destruction of camps where thousands of immigrants are staying in Mexico’s border cities because they pose a security risk and attract criminal gangs.

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(Reported by Jose Torres in Tapsula and Laura Gottsteiner in Montreal