November 29, 2021

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The first members of the UN panel of experts for the election have arrived in Venezuela

Members of the EU monitoring mission have already visited CNE facilities in Venezuela

Madrid, 10 November. (Europe Press) –

The United Nations on Tuesday sent three members of its panel of election experts to Venezuela to assess South Africa’s regional and local elections on November 21.

“The panel (…) will conduct an independent and technical assessment of the electoral system in the context of the regional and municipal elections on November 21 and will remain in the country for a few days after the election,” the UN said. This is a statement.

In addition, these members will hold meetings with “a wide range of political and social actors, as well as election officials and experts,” thus responding to requests initiated by Venezuelan officials.

However, this UN. The mechanism – unlike monitoring tasks, which require a specific mandate from the Security Council or the General Assembly – does not issue public statements evaluating the election process or its results.

The panel will submit an internal report to the Secretary-General (UN, Antonio Guterres) stating that “the panel’s recommendations (…) with recommendations for strengthening future electoral processes may be forwarded to national authorities.”

Finally, the organization estimates that members on the ground have “extensive electoral experience” and have already worked for the UN in “various contexts”.

EU Election Mission

Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE), on the other hand, described members of the EU’s surveillance mission who visited the facility to review technical equipment used for voting.

“The series of procedures involved in the configuration and isolation of technical equipment that allows automated voting in Venezuela are described in a general way,” CNE said on its social media.

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The European People’s Party (PPE) said on Tuesday that it was not going to take part in the monitoring mission in Venezuela, and that the presence of a delegation from the European Parliament could be understood as “whitewashing the brutal regime.” Nicolas Maduro.

‘Famous’ Europeans have already been highly critical of EU foreign policy representative Joseph Borel’s plan to send a European mission to the polls, especially after the leak of the European External Action Service’ s intent.

The key to sending visitors is an agreement between the European Union and the National Electoral Council, which has been negotiated for weeks, and guarantees that the entire country will have public access during the election process and that its work will be carried out internationally. Criteria.