October 24, 2021

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The man smashes the video of three co-workers

Local media reported Sunday that a man in the state of Florida had mercilessly killed three people with a baseball bat and knife after a heated argument.

Police identified the killer as Shawn Ranyan, 39, after the killer had an argument with his supervisor at the facility where he was working, and the heinous crime began, after which he was assaulted and fled.

But frankly, not at all, because Ranyan was not satisfied with the blow he gave to his superior. The next morning, the company he went to rented a staff home in Davenport, Florida, with a bat and knife in hand, the man decided to commit the crime.

Local security officials said he beat and stabbed people inside the house. One of them beat her relentlessly while she slept until she was killed.

The lifeless body of the second deceased was found on the porch of the house, while a third person died at the hospital Saturday night unable to bear the injuries.

Luckily another victim was able to escape from the attacker, while a family including their 7 year old daughter were lucky enough to tell of this horrific event.

Meanwhile, Shawn Ryan was caught by phone police officers in central Florida, which led to the arrest of the killer.

Later, Ranyan confessed to the three murders, claiming to know all the people in the house. Now, he faces three murders in the first degree and another bad battery.

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