January 19, 2021

The mutant govt strain triggers a new lockout in the UK

Tests favorable for Govit-19 Alex Morgan

Football star Alex Morgan said Tuesday that he is recovering from a Covit-19.

The 31-year-old, who has twice won the FIFA Women’s World Cup as part of the U.S. women’s national football team, said she and her family were infected with the virus while on holiday in California.

“We are in a good mood and recovering well,” he tweeted. “Once our loneliness is over, I will follow the guidelines of US Soccer to ensure my body fully recovers and soon be back on the field with my teammates. Have a safe and happy new year.”

The Grammy Awards move to March due to an infection

The 2021 Grammy Awards will no longer take place in Los Angeles this month, and will air in March due to the recent rise in corona virus cases and deaths.

The recording academy told the Associated Press on Tuesday that the annual show would change its original January 31 broadcast to a date in March.

Grammys will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Los Angeles County, the epicenter of the California crisis, has more than 10,000 Govt-19 deaths and 40 percent of deaths in California. It is the third state to reach the death toll.

Georgia confirms the first case of a highly contagious UK variant

Georgia on Tuesday confirmed the first case of Govt-19 from a new, more contagious corona virus variant believed to have first appeared in the UK.

The state public health office said the case involved an 18-year-old male with no recent travel history. Georgia is now the fifth state to identify diversity in new epidemics. New strain cases have also been reported in Colorado, California, Florida and New York.

The patient in Georgia is currently home alone and public health officials said they are working to identify his closest contacts.

“The emergence of this variation in our state should be a wake-up call to all Georgians,” said Dr. Kathleen Doomi, Georgia’s Commissioner of Public Health. Said in a statement. “Even if we start discharging a Govt-19 vaccine, we must not abandon our safety and neglect basic preventive measures – wear a mask, social distance and wash your hands frequently.”

The new variant, which has already been reported in more than 30 countries, is estimated to be more than 50 percent to 70 percent contagious, although it does not cause the most dangerous or most serious disease.

The FDA warns Congress to use the Govt test, which could lead to erroneous results

The attending physician’s office is Dr. Brian Monahan responding to a public FDA warning It was released yesterday that a corona virus test administered in the mountains could lead to erroneous results, a Memo Retrieved from NBC News.

In the memo, Monahan writes, “The attending physician’s office is currently monitoring the FDA’s announcement of the effectiveness of the diagnostic test for the detection of corona virus using the RT-PCR method. This test method is currently used at the CVC testing center in Capitol. This test uses a nasal swab obtained by our patients under medical supervision. ”

Monahan insists that this test is “very accurate” and that the erroneous results affect all Covit-19 tests.

He says they expect more information from the FDA in the coming days. This memo was declared the best by Politico.

Several months after the House and Senate leadership came up with the idea, all members, staff and reporters working on the mountain got the test at Capitol in November.

Thousands of people who work in the building on a daily basis rely heavily on this testing method. The entire House and Senate will return from across the country as the Election College prepares to certify its results Wednesday.

Beloved Oklahoma physiotherapist dies from covit: ‘All he wanted to do was help people’

On their first date 25 years ago, Chris Kalinsky, Rose Crooks, realized that he would eventually get married and have two sons, who knew everyone in Norman, Oklahoma.

They met at the physical therapy office where Rose began working, and college student Chris was receiving treatment from another therapist.

On that first date, they went to the store to buy ingredients to cook a romantic dinner together. Once inside, they split up, each handling half of the grocery list.

“I’m going into the freezer area and I see her talking to someone – it’s my dad,” Chris said. “I walked over and said, ‘I don’t know if you know each other. Did you meet my dad roughly or what?’

“Oh, no, he’s one of my patients,” she said. “

Rose had a reputation around Norman as a caretaker for everyone. So, when she died on Govt-19 on November 23 – six days ashamed that it must have been her 49th birthday – it was a big consolation, but a little surprise, for those who touched her life to receive letters from strangers and listen to stories.

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The first respondent to the Sandy Hook massacre died from Govt-19

One of the Connecticut state troops who responded to the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting died from Covit-19.

Brooklyn Retired Troop First Class Patrick Dragon, CD died of the virus on January 2 at Hartford Hospital, Connecticut State Police said. Report On its Facebook page.

Trooper First Class Patrick Dragon.Connecticut State Police

Dragon was an officer in Connecticut State Police for 20 years and retired in 2018. During his time with the agency, Dragon served as a patrolman, resident, and detective in the Eastern District Major Crime Division and fire and explosion investigation unit.

After retiring, he worked as a police reporter for the Foster Police Department in Foster, RI. Foster Police Chief David Breit said everyone who met him remembered him as a loving and caring friend. Report.

Cleveland Browns head coach, 4 positive test

Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stephensky said two coaches and two players have tested positive for Covid-19, almost two decades before the NFL team’s first playoff game.

“Our facility is currently closed when contact tracking takes place. As the health and safety of our players, coaches, staff and the community as a whole is our top priority, the team will continue to consult with league and medical experts to determine appropriate next steps. Priority,” the team said in a statement Tuesday.

The Browns are scheduled to play against the Pittsburgh Steelers at 8:15 pm on Sunday, the first season appearance since 2002.

Italy extends travel restrictions for another week

ROME – The Italian government has extended travel restrictions and other measures for another week in its modified Christmas season lockout to prevent a new outbreak of corona virus infections.

The order, which was approved by the cabinet early Tuesday, has been extended to January 15. At the same time, the government has agreed to allow high school students to return to class starting next week, but only in small numbers. While elementary and middle school students attend private school from the beginning of the school year, high schools have been in distance learning since the end of October.

Italy, the first country in the West to be hit by the virus, is trying to control its latest epidemic waves with localized controls. After two months of restrictions, infections have hit the plateau, but hospitals are still under pressure, with hundreds of people dying every day, and officials fear cases could rise again due to holiday gatherings.

Italy has reported more than 75,600 viral deaths from the disease, but experts say many COVID-19 deaths were not calculated at the onset of the infection.

The United States closes 21 million Covid-19 cases

After recording 222,349 cases and 1,822 deaths on Monday, the country is on the verge of counting more than 21 million Govt-19 cases.

As of Tuesday morning, there were 20.9 million cases and 354,313 deaths in the United States, according to NBC News.

The U.S. averaged 2,569 deaths and 213,000 cases last week. Four weeks ago that number averaged 2,390 deaths and 225,000 cases a day.

On Monday, Rhode Island set a one-day record of 78 deaths and 4,759 cases and 78 deaths, although the state reported zero cases and deaths from December 30, 2020.