September 23, 2021

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The National Unemployment Commission promises to wait for the government’s call to sign the preliminary agreement

Unemployment Group Photo: Colprenza

The national strike, which began on April 28, will last a month tomorrow. The panorama facing the country of day-to-day social, political and economic order seems to be very important. Initially the social outburst was an expression of dissatisfaction with the policies put forward by the nation-state, namely the tax reform withdrawn on May 2 and the health reform that was thrown out of Congress in the middle of this month, a few days later, one of the many demands made by various departments to President Evan Duke, and in a brochure from 2019 onwards Granted, it never got an answer.

According to Panorama, representatives of the current government and the unemployment committee sat for nine long days to finalize the agreements, which would give citizens guarantees to end the strike and officially begin negotiations. So, on Monday, May 24, the parties announced that they had reached a preliminary agreement where they had set minimum standards, however, in order to make it official, the Duke had to approve them as soon as possible.

So Francisco Malts, director of the CUT and one of the group’s spokesmen, reminded in a video this Wednesday that the promoters of the demonstrations were pending signing the document.

“Since Monday, May 24, a preliminary agreement on guarantees for the use of anti-social elements in Colombia has been in the presidency.”, He later added, urging the union leader “The president is pending to get the document signed,” he said.

For his part, the President has not yet mentioned the subject of the document, as he has traveled to various regions and seen a large number of demonstrations for dialogue and solutions.

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The union leader also referred to a message issued by Emilio Jos ஆர் Arciிலாla, presidential adviser on stabilization and co-ordination, who was appointed the new head of the negotiating table as of Monday, May 31.

“With the arrival of the new Commissioner Archbishop, we will be responsible for negotiating the Emergency Document, and we hope that this process will be expedited and that we will begin negotiations on the Emergency Document as soon as possible, studying the points of each of those seven Commissions and the Government’s political will so that we can reach an agreement as soon as possible.”, Ended Maltese.

This Wednesday, May 26, Archila pointed out that the government has the will to reach agreements that will fully benefit the country.

“As the National Strike Committee, we are fighting for the verification of the document we have reached as a preliminary agreement, which indicates the guarantees of the struggle.”, He explained in front of the document that the committee expects, in the same line he explained it It is important that verification is provided by the ministries and agencies that determine certain topics included in the pre-agreement for the guarantees of the demonstration.

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