September 19, 2021

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The passengers attacked the Miami flight attendants and were tied to the seat with ribbon tape

A 22-year-old passenger on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami in the United States caused trouble when he had to tie duct tape to the seat of the plane when the situation got out of control.

The young man, identified as Maxwell Berry, was arrested on three counts of battery. The incidents took place on a Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Miami on Saturday 31 July. Local 10 News.

One of the passengers on the plane took out his cell phone and recorded what had happened. “He started aggressively and basically attacked the male flight attendant,” he said.

According to the arrest report of Perry, who allegedly consumed various beverages during the flight, it also touched the breasts of two flight attendants on board.

“I was on the set, stopped to help calm the drunken maid. Two passengers, my son-in-law and I. But then he stopped fighting. A drunken man’s usual behavior. Then he put adhesive tape in his mouth because he was constantly talking obscenely,” the passenger who posted on social media said. Said.

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