November 29, 2021

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The prosecutor’s office has demanded that Richard Rojas be barred from leaving the country

The case is being investigated by the Office of the Special Attorney for Money Laundering The dynamics of the center The recently appointed judiciary sought power to bar him from leaving the country Ambassador of Peru to Venezuela, Richard Freddy Rojas Garcia.

Tax demand occurred this afternoon, So Richard Rojas’ trip to Caracas will not affect the investigation Improvements to the system of Los Dynamigos del Centro.

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On September 10, Richard Rojas Gomez, accused of having links with members of the Los Dynamicos del Centro, joined the trial of the leader of the ruling party’s Liber.

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Richard Freddie Rojas Garcia, although not an official or public servant of Juna’s Directorate of Public Transport and Communications Collaborate or participate in the promotion, placement, dismissal and support of various individuals so that they benefit from the work. “Said the lawyer.

On October 15, after he was rejected as ambassador to Panama, Richard Rojas was appointed ambassador to Venezuela, despite serious allegations from the anti-money laundering attorney’s office. Accepted the appointment of Nicolas Maduro to rule.

Richard Rojas Garcia, President of Peru Libre and very close to President Vladimir Seron, played a key role in Pedro Castillo’s presidential campaign.

Richard Rojas took office in the party in 2019 as Peru Libre again won the Junan regional government. For this reason, according to the Special Advocate for Money Laundering, Linked to ‘Los Dynamigos del Centro’.

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“Marina Vasquez was involved in illegal activities, along with other party members such as Lopez, Eduardo Pentes Gudara and Valdis Wilcoboma Manric. Coordinating the financial and logistics of the election campaign and utilizing Juna’s regional government agencies and suppliers“The money laundering lawyer mentioned in his resolution.

“It simply came to our notice then Richard Freddy Rojas Garcia Not only for his own benefit but also for his political party (… Free Peru “, Said Richard Rojas Gomez, a money laundering lawyer.

At the time of the press conference, the Peruvian Liberal Party had not released any information on Richard Rojas’ request to prevent Garcia from leaving the country.

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Financial connection with Seron

On July 8 this year, Vladimir Seron Rojas appeared at BBVA de Linz with the cashier’s check to withdraw S / 376,930 On behalf of Richard Freddy Rojas Garcia.

At the request of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), the operation was disabled.

According to the Special Advocate for Money Laundering, this incident proves the close relationship between Vladimir Seron and Richard Rojas.

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