November 29, 2021

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The Socialist leader condemns the illegal extradition of Venezuela to the United States

October 18, 2021, 12:16 PMLima, Oct 18 (Prensa Latina) The illegal deportation of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab to the United States is aimed at sabotaging the dialogue between the government and the Venezuelan opposition, Peruvian Socialist leader Hugo Cabis warned today.

“Apart from the false allegations against diplomat Alex Saab and the suspension of Venezuela’s Bolivarian government’s participation in the Mexican dialogue table, this handover sets a serious precedent in diplomatic law,” said the Secretary of State for Socialist International Relations (PS).

Speaking to Latina, Brenza explained that the Colombian-Venezuelan soap detained in Cape Verde was protected by diplomatic immunity.

“The breach of diplomatic immunity is serious, which is another indication that the United States does not respect form or substance in its actions against international law,” Cabis added.

Therefore, he considered Venezuela’s struggle for the extradition of Saab to be legal and warned that the illegal law would have “severe consequences on international relations” for violating basic diplomatic rules.

He expressed his solidarity with Saab and the Bolivarian government of Venezuela, calling for a speedy return to the dialogue table in Mexico.

The Peruvian Foreign Ministry should rule on this, especially now that the status of ambassadors in diplomatic relations with Venezuela has been restored, ”the Peruvian Socialist leader added.

He pointed out that the virtual breakdown of these relations, by reducing them to embassies and recognizing the opposition politician as the Venezuelan ambassador, was decided in 2017 by then-President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, the creator of the Lima Group. Lime Cartel.

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Kuczynski resigned in March 2018 after being embroiled in a corruption scandal and has been in custody since April 2019, recalling that he ruled for three years.

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