September 19, 2021

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The Taliban have recovered US weapons abandoned by Afghan soldiers

Taliban militants in a Humvee armored vehicle captured in Herat, Afghanistan on August 13, 2021 afp_tickers

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The billions of dollars invested by the United States in training and equipping the Afghan armed forces that failed in the war against the Taliban are useless, and an intensive arsenal in their hands further strengthens the rebels.

On the Internet, Taliban sites broadcast videos showing militants exporting weapons, often provided by Western powers.

Other videos show Afghan soldiers surrendering with armored rocket launchers in the northeastern city of Kunduz.

As US troops began to withdraw from Afghanistan, Afghan security forces stopped fighting, and as the Taliban’s offensive intensified, thousands of soldiers surrendered without much resistance.

US President Joe Biden said in July that “we have provided all the tools to Afghanistan’s allies to fight the Taliban, and defended the decision to withdraw the last troops from the country to liberate Afghanistan and fight for their future.”

As they advanced towards Kabul, the Taliban seized “tools”.

Insurgents patrol the streets of the western city of Farah in a vehicle identified as the eagle that bit the snake, the official symbol of Afghanistan’s intelligence service.

In their withdrawal, US forces carried “sophisticated” weapons, but the Taliban “recovered vehicles, road vehicles, light weapons and ammunition,” he told AFP from the NGO Conflict Weapons Research (CAR).

– “Unexpected robbery” –

According to experts, the unprovoked plunder greatly aided the Taliban, who have been accused of supplying arms from Pakistan, financing and arming the rebels.

The seized weapons will help the Taliban attack Kabul and help “strengthen their power” in the cities they have captured.

Following the withdrawal of foreign troops, the Taliban were loaded with American weapons and equipment without spending a single penny to buy it.

“It’s incredibly serious. It’s definitely going to be a big help for them,” Banduchi added.

A few weeks before the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 suicide bombings in the United States, the arsenal was proudly displayed by the Taliban, which, according to the UN, maintains close ties with Al Qaeda. The destruction of the Twin Towers in New York and the attack on the Pentagon.

The United States took it casually that the rebels were about to take up arms, but the rapid collapse of the cities created a very hopeless hypothesis, with Jason Amarin, a former member of the US Special Forces, taking part in the invasion of Afghanistan. , Told AFP. 2001 ousted the Taliban.

“The United States set up the ANA (Afghan National Army) on the assumption that weapons and equipment could fall into the hands of the Taliban,” Armin said.

“The current crisis is the worst situation for educated people at the time of decision making,” he added.

– Campaign –

In Kunduz, the video shows the Taliban sitting on a red motorcycle watching an unmanned military helicopter in flight.

However, former CIA counter-terrorism analyst Aki Peritz told the AFP that the Taliban could not use the helicopter. “It will only be for campaign purposes,” Peritz said.

Light weapons and vehicles that facilitate the movement of troops on the rough terrain of Kunduz will be very useful.

Although the Afghan military is on the verge of collapse, the US government has said it will continue to equip it.

The United States Army, helpless, sees how history repeats itself. He recalled what happened in Afghanistan and what happened in Iraq, and in mid-2014 the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) captured the city of Mosul, seizing weapons and military vehicles.

Like the IS militants in Mosul, the Taliban fighters laughed with the ammunition seized from the enemy in the captured cities.

Peritz notes that the withdrawal of U.S. troops will “turn out to be a failure.”

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