September 19, 2021

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The United States is urging Iran’s new president to return to nuclear deal talks “soon.”

Madrid, 6 Aug. (Europa Press) –

The United States on Thursday urged Iran’s new President Ebrahim Raisi to “return to negotiations soon” in the joint negotiations (JCPOA, abbreviated in English) on the 2015 nuclear deal. An “urgent priority” for Washington.

U.S. State Department spokesman Nate Price made the revelation at a news conference after the victory of the last election and the inauguration of radical conservative Raisi as the country’s new president.

In his speech at the event, the Iranian president stressed that Iran’s nuclear program is “absolutely peaceful”, that “the government is banning nuclear weapons” and that “there is no place in the country’s security strategy.”

For this reason, international pressure has again called for the lifting of sanctions on the country’s economy, including “the right to development,” which “does not prevent the exercise of the legal rights of the Iranian nation,” and “I support any diplomatic program that seeks to achieve that goal.”

In this regard, Raisi said that if he was determined to “remove the barriers,” he should negotiate “exactly where he was at the table in Vienna – from where the conversations took place”.

“There is a strict and comprehensive sanctions regime against Iran. It will be in effect against Iran if we do not reach mutual revenue to comply with the JCPOA,” he reiterated.

The spokesman called on the Iranian president to return to talks. “Our message to Rice is similar to the message we gave to her predecessors: the United States will protect and promote our national security interests and the interests of our allies,” he added.

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He believes Tehran will “now seize the opportunity to promote diplomatic solutions” because the process cannot continue indefinitely, “he stressed.

“The possibility of achieving mutual benefits of compliance with the JCPOA will not last forever.

This happened on Thursday, after the Iranian government inaugurated President Raisi, who was scheduled to hold the next round of talks in Vienna on July 19, following a stalemate in relations. However, Tehran has previously said it will not change its position after Hassan Rohani steps down as president.

Iran has announced that it will withdraw its promises on several aspects of the agreement. However, Iranian officials continued to argue that the move could be reversed if the United States lifted sanctions and returned to the agreement.