November 29, 2021

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The US Secretary of State is attacking the Cuban and Nicaraguan regimes before the OAS

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen, attacked against the regime this Thursday Nicaragua And Cuba And asked the developing nations Organization of American States (OAS) to speak out against “irregularities” in both countries, the AP said.

Speaking before the 51st General Assembly of the OAS, Blingen recalled that the US Democratic Charter spoke of “definite consequences” for governments such as Nicaragua. “Abandon democracy and violently oppress Human rights“.

The U.S. official refers to Article 21 of the Charter Democracy, Says The organization may consider suspending a member country. Section 20 of the letter states that in the event of a radical “change” in democracy, the Secretary-General or any member state has the power to convene a permanent council immediately to assess the situation.

The credibility of the OAS as an institution that defends democracy depends on living up to that charter, “Blingen said in his speech to the General Assembly.

Last sunday, Nicaragua celebrated Presidential election Daniel Ortega was re-elected for the third time in a row. These elections were criticized internationally for their genuine opposition and the imprisonment of seven presidential loyalists.

“The majority are OAS member states Supported the resolution condemning the misconduct of the Nicaraguan government They promised to return to this issue at this session of the General Assembly, “said Blingen.

Washington promised Tuesday that Nicaragua is no longer a democracy but a dictatorship, In the strong insistence made so far by the Government of the President Joe Biden Refers to the administration of Ordega.

Blingen also spoke about Cuba on Thursday

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The U.S. official said: Planned to face protests on the island November 15, Every country in the hemisphere should “send a clear message” that the people “have the right to assemble peacefully and express their views”.

Glowing Mentioned the struggles that took place July In Cuba He said many of those arrested for their involvement in the protests were still being held in prisons. “Including a 26-year-old woman, Yolanda Cruz, who faces up to eight years in prison for filming the fight,” Blingen said.

In July, Thousands of people took to the streets in Cuba demanding their release The end of the rows is different, like lack or fatigue Darkness Even with demands for changes in government. Unknown violent arrests and vandalism and one death have been reported.

OAS almost hosts its General Assembly, with Guatemala as the host country. Forum, in Delegates from more than 30 countries are participating, Running until Friday under the slogan “For a Renewed America.”

During the legislature, a draft resolution can be voted on by many countries, including the United States Condemn the recent elections in Nicaragua and declare that they have no democratic legitimacy.