October 24, 2021

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The WHO warns that the risk of corona virus in Tokyo is inevitable

The director of the World Food Program (WHO) assures that it is not possible to avoid infection during the Olympics because many cases have already been identified among athletes from different countries.

Tetros Adonom Gabrias said he was aware of the precautions, actions and sacrifices both the Tokyo Organizing Committee and the Japanese government and the people, teams and athletes had taken to make the Games as safe as possible, but he reiterated that in the next 15 days the mark of victory would be “zero cases.”

“The sign of success ensures that cases are identified, isolated, detected, and handled quickly, and subsequent exchanges are prevented,” the head of the WHO said at a recent session of the International Olympic Committee (COI).

Criticisms of the leaders of rich countries

Similarly, Adanom, in his speech, criticized the leaders of rich countries and challenged them again to achieve the best supply of privileged, ever-running vaccines that “have accumulated in the hands of a lucky few”. The biggest risk, at the same time, is “the most vulnerable are in a state of insecurity.” Thus, in low-resource countries, only 1% of people receive at least one dose, and 75% of vaccines are given in only 10 countries.

“If only part of it is blown, the rest will continue to burn. And the ingredients of the fire could easily have caused a catastrophe elsewhere, “said the WHO director, noting that no one is safe as long as everyone is there.

Corona virus cases related to the Olympic Games.

According to the IOC, as of July 21, a total of 91 Covid-19 cases related to the Olympics have been registered, including not only athletes, but also staff of the Olympic Organizing Committee, national teams and contractors and volunteers working on the Games.

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