October 24, 2021

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They are asking to participate in the general elections in Ethiopia – Brenza Latin

Ethiopians, we will publish our verdict in the sixth national election within a week, which will be the first attempt by the country to hold free and fair elections, he promised in a message on social networking site Twitter.

When we go to the polls to exercise our democratic rights, I urge everyone to use that day to fulfill a civic duty and leave a generational mark.

Ahmed called on the people to contribute to the success of the National Green Heritage Campaign, which aims to plant 20 billion trees in five years to help change the country’s environmental conditions.

Get out of there and vote next Monday. Go there and plant your green traditions too. Let’s create a positive historical day together! Said the head of government.

Elections were scheduled for August 2020, but Parliament agreed to delay them until the Govt-19 ceased to threaten the health environment. Last September the legislature reconsidered that decision and decided to celebrate the current fiscal year.

Then, in December, he proposed to hold them on June 5, but they were postponed to June 21 due to various issues due to delays in the voter registration process.

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