September 19, 2021

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They are demanding the release of the former Malian president from the sub-community – Prinza Latina

The petition also includes the release of former Prime Minister Mokhtar Owane held at his home.

The two politicians resigned after a coup on May 24 and were released at a military base three days after being arrested during a military operation led by Colonel Azimi Koita.

Conatte recently visited each of them in the capital, denouncing his identification as house arrest “without any legal argument” despite security forces preventing him from meeting them.

‘It is important to remember that President Azmi Koida was among those responsible for this situation; Prime Minister, Soukwell Micah; Mamato Kazokos, the judge’s chairman, announced the judge.

The lawyer submitted his petition to the Cedeao court for the release of Ndaw and Ouane, after which the company issued acknowledgment of receipt: ‘The procedures are to notify Mali of the petition and give the state an opportunity to react.

Colonel Azim Qaeda, who took over as vice president after the ouster of President Ibrahim Bakr Geeta in August 2020, agreed to lead the country after a second military coup in May.

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