November 29, 2021

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They are seeking justice two years after a social explosion in Chile

Santiago de Chile, October 15 (Brenza Latina) Two years after the social upheaval in Chile, we are closer to punishment than truth and justice, condemned Sergio Miko, director of the National Institute for Human Rights (INDH) today.
A balance of INDH was obtained for only four of the three thousand 72 complaints filed by the organization for police violence.

The outlook is bleak and the government has not fulfilled its obligations in matters of truth, justice, compensation to the victims and non-recurring guarantees, he said.

On October 18, 2019, a series of protests erupted in the country, suppressed by carabiners and military forces, which killed about 30 people, wounded thousands, and damaged 460 eyes as a result of eye particles or tear gas canisters.

The increase in Santiago metro fares was the trigger for the riots, which demonstrated the general ill health of the people against social inequality and the neo-liberal model.

The director of INDH regretted that the government had not fulfilled its duty to punish serious human rights violations and that there had been no progress in reforming the police.

To mark the second anniversary of the social upheaval, social organizations called for a protest on October 18 at the Plaza de la Dignitat demanding justice, compensation for the victims and the release of political prisoners.

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