October 24, 2021

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They condemn US sponsorship of fake newspaper to attack Cuba – Juvent Rebel

The network of organizations in Latin America is operating with US funding for training for journalists, local media reported today that will attack the Cuban government from psychological activities.

Professionals associated with publications such as El Estornudo, Periodismo de Barrio and Cuba Posible are trained by NGOs funded by the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Democratic Foundation (NED). Community foundations.

According to an article in the local newspaper Granma, the Argentine-based Kronos Civil Association received $ 80,000 from NED last year to train Cuban journalists affiliated with affiliate websites.

The organization has two main media outlets, Anfibia Magazine and Red Harvest, which conduct training programs and scholarships for experts in the field of the Big Island Antilles.

In addition, the Peruvian-based Press and Society Institute (IPOIS) last year raised a total of $ 70,523 to develop projects called “Cuban Independent Journalists” and to promote their contacts with communications professionals from the region. . In turn, Kronos and IPOS receive funding from the Open Society Foundations, explaining the release of the Argentine Club of Journalists Friends of Cuba.

Similarly, the Investigative Journal also works with dollars from NED on the Cuba project of the Public Space Foundation, located in Chile and developed between 2019 and 2020.

According to sources, the agenda of these media and journalists is politically correct, an aesthetic and progressive friendly profile, low political profile, questionable in light of their financial resources, NGOs associated with the worst crimes people.

The article on the Ambipian, Red Harvest and NED considers a foundation affiliated with the State Department to be “independent journalists” as the Kronoslab (Ambipion, Red Harvest) founding training.

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According to sources, such a fact is only part of a larger continental program that trains employees in the sphere of Latin America, including the Cabo Center from Colombia, and other organizations such as Article 19 from Mexico.

Some so-called “freelance journalists” who benefited from such efforts provided online coverage against the government for the July 11 and 12 riots in Cuba, which were triggered by the United States as part of a political campaign. Communication.

The Argentine Club reported that examining the news of these media allows us to understand the depth and complexity of the psychological action promoted by imperialism against our people, PL notes.