September 19, 2021

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They fear that air travel will happen again after a successful summer

Thus, the number of passengers exceeded the most reliable forecasts of the Eurocontrol Monitoring Group by 65% ​​for the same month in July and 71% in August.

“The European summer is coming to an end, and we hope it will continue to improve,” EuroControl CEO Emon Brennan said on Wednesday.

On United StatesAccording to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), domestic transport in July had 28.5% fewer passengers per kilometer (benchmark indicator in this sector) than in 2019.

In another important market, ChineseWith the economic recovery, airlines have reduced their losses. However, the other Leaders did not hide the fear that the 2020 scene would happen again: Summer improvement (45% in July and August compared to 2019, in Europe) and with significant reductions Flights Boreal due to continuous waves of infection in autumn and winter.

On Tuesday, the head of Paris airports, Augustine de Romanet, predicted that “there is no optimistic outlook for autumn and winter.”

On the same day, Ryaner, chairman of the low-cost company, Michael O’Leary, said that “tough winter” awaits his company. The same news at Lufthansa, its manager Carsten Spohr, warned of a “long and cold” winter.

As part of that, Air France-KLM is determined to recover operating profit in the third quarter of the year, having lost 10 10 billion (approximately US $ 11.9 billion) since the outbreak began.

Like its traditional rivals Lufthansa and British Airways, Air France has been waiting throughout the summer to re-open Europe to more lucrative routes with the United States. But the drawn trend is reversed: on Monday, The European Union (EU) has announced it will lift restrictions on non-essential travel from the United States in response to a growing number of lawsuits.

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IATA does not predict that the 2019 level of global aviation will be restored before 2023. In July, long-haul flights had 73.6% less traffic compared to 2019.

The IATA has called on governments to “restore freedom of movement” to resume operations in a sector that lost $ 126 billion by 2020. “At least vaccinated passengers should not be restricted,” he added.

Meanwhile, in an article published in the New York Times, the group asked the G20 to restore intercontinental air routes to promote globally recognized vaccination certification.