November 29, 2021

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They illustrate the nature of the electoral process in Nicaragua

Polling stations in Nicaragua are opening their doors
They recognize the organization in peace and elections in Nicaragua
General Augusto c. Santino’s octogenarian daughter votes in Nicaragua
The magistrate described the election in Nicaragua as a peaceful civic day
The highest election commission exemplifies the peaceful environment in Nicaragua

After the vote, Parliamentarian Gustavo Boras noted the importance of going to the polls and pointing out that the vote clarifies the conditions for the country’s progress.

“We are the Nicaraguans who elect our officials to define our internal policies,” Foreign Minister Denis Moncata stressed, while Supreme Council of Justice Magistrate Alma Nubia Baldotano described the day as a day of civility and peace.

Elections in the largest country in Central America are taking place amid intense media campaigning by the opposition, which, with the support of the United States and the European Union, is seeking to outlaw the process.

Managua, on the other hand, insists on complying with the provisions of national law and has invited 232 international observers to ensure the transparency of political training.

At 3,010 polling stations and 13,459 polling stations, Nicaraguans are celebrating on social media the fluidity of the process implemented in 15 departments and two autonomous regions of Central America.

Twitter users, who regularly share pictures and videos of polling stations across the country, noted Brenza Latina on a tour where voting is relaxed while in the capital.

“(…) Citizens have gone to the polls regularly and are taking care of security measures,” Channel 6 reporter Darling Parsenas shared on the network.

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For his part, Carlos Fonseka, secretary of international relations for the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), described the visit as “overflowing”.

Users of the network appreciate the compliance with the provisions of the Electoral Act, such as the assurances of security officials, the right to this training by more than four million registered voters, and the assurance of honesty from the ballot to guarantee the transparency of the process. .

The Nicaraguans elect the president and vice president, and 90 delegates to the National Assembly (Consolidated Assembly), 20 of whom are members of the Central American Parliament. The ballot nominates candidates from six political parties for the presidency, including incumbent President Daniel Ortega, who represents the FSLN and appears favored in the ballot for the fifth and fourth term of his political career. Continually.

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